Wed. Jun 22nd, 2022

How to contribute to STG Fire Rescue and Safety

Welcome to STG Fire Rescue & Safety:

We have a number of opportunities  for individuals and businesses to contribute to this website.

If you have an interest in writing articles relating to fire or safety matters. We would like to here from you.

A few little conditions for contributors

There are a few condition contributors must comply with, which helps us to keep this blog and its content relevant and positive. We do value any effort contributors have put in. Therefore, we may select some well written articles and send  a gift to the author.

To ensure the integrity of the website and general content . A number of checks and balances are assessed prior to an article being placed online. They include but aren’t limited too:

  • Article must be fire and/or safety related
  • The article must be well written and your original work.
  • The content must not be published on any other form of media
  • The content must pass our plagiarism checker

(*) Note: STG Fire Rescue and Safety (A division of Syncretic Training Group Pty Ltd), does have the right to reject an article sent for publication on Any required changes to an article will be completed with the guidance of the author.  Negative or abusive content, which names or is directed toward any individual or organisation will not be tolerated and will be rejected immediately – no further correspondence will be entered into in all similar inappropriate cases. Where an article is rejected. Payment may be made at the discretion of STG Fire Rescue and Safety. In the unlikely event payment is made to the author for a rejected article, it will be at a rate no greater than 50% of the normal rate.

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