Firefighters Calendar 2021

australian firefighters calendar

Australian Firefighters Calendar

The Australian firefighters calendar is a delight for the sore eyes. The 2021 version of the calendar is already out, and fans can’t get enough. This calendar was originally established in 1993 to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The funds gathered via this charity initiative went to research centers for childhood burns. Since its inception, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has successfully raised $3.2 million for various charitable causes.

For Australia, the year 2019 and the beginning of 2020 was a devastating time.

The catastrophic bushfires caused significant damage to the forests, households, and animals. It’s estimated that 1 billion wildlife was affected by this tragic fire. Each year, firefighters from across the country submit their photos to become a part of the calendar’s shoot. Only 24 firefighters are chosen after thorough vetting. The animals in the photos belong to local refuge charities.

The funds from the 2021 edition of the calendar will be treating injured wildlife from the bushfire.

These include dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, goats, Koalas, ducklings, lamas, alpacas, and even therapy horses. No wonder the Australian Firefighters Calendar is adored by animal lovers all over the world.

Did you know some firefighters bond so well with the animals they are posing with, they can’t help but adopt them? It’s these animals who are the star of the show. They are so photogenic, it’s almost like they know they are being photographed. The Photoshoot lasts for up to 15 days or more.

Supporting the very fragile wildlife

This year’s efforts are focused towards the Australian wildlife . With that being said, those who purchase this steamy calendar will be supporting several charitable organizations such as Native Animal Rescue, Kids with Cancer Foundation, the Australian Seabird Rescue, and more.

This year’s edition includes firefighters with and without shirts and animal only calendars as well. Shop whichever Australian Firefighters Calendar you like.

Over the years the firefighters calendar has provided much need to funds to organisations like:

  • Kids with Cancer Foundation
  • Australian Seabird Rescue
  • RACQ Life Flight Rescue
  • Rural Aid Australia

firefighter in the calendarJust to name a few. All of the calendars are printed in a high quality full color format. No matter your motivation each page within each calendar is respectful and showcases a few firefighters who help protect communities around Australia.

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