Wed. Jun 22nd, 2022

Fire Brigade Domain Name and Emails

Would you like an exclusive domain name or email for your fire brigade or yourself?

Well at STG Fire Rescue we have a number of opportunities for firefighters and fire brigades to register associated domains and emails. Firstly we perform site wide search engine optimisation and can even assist in developing your webpage (contact us for a quote).

Why not do it yourself we will give you cPanel access to get you up and running. Secondly, website and/or email will also have a security certificate (SSL) associated with it to help keep your online presence safe. Please ask us if your desired name is available. We normally setup requested domain (if available within 24 hours – conditions apply).

How fire brigade domain registration works:

However, using the form below you can make contact with us at STG Fire Rescue to request and check a name.
Here are some examples of names (sub-domains):


There are a number of opportunities and names available and the content should be at least 50% fire related. If using an registered company or business name you must own the rights to use such a name.

What you get for your money:

  1. 1GB of Storage Space
  2. 10GB of Traffic
  3. Full cPanel Access
  4. Free Setup
  5. 3 x Email Addresses
  6. 1 x Database
  7. Green Hosting
  8. 100% Australian Hosting
  9. 99.9% up-time guarantee


  1. $14.95 Inc GST per month (paid yearly)
  2. $16.95 Inc GST per month (paid six monthly)
  3. $18.95 Inc GST per month (paid monthly)

To ensure our servers aren’t overwhelmed. Which would potentially slow your website down? There are only 50 spots for websites. The name will be a sub-domain of There are no lock-in contracts but you must agree with our term and conditions of use.

To ensure legal compliance we will run all sub-domains through the ASIC name lookup database and analyse the results. It is unlikely that a problem will occur. But we will need to check and authorize your suggested name. If your name is unavailable we will contact you within 24 hours. Please see our terms and conditions.

How the Fire brigade or personal email registration work.

Firstly, you can have any available email name through Fire Rescue Classifieds and some examples may include:


There will be a limit of 50 emails addresses. So subsequently, It may be a good idea to reserve your preferred fire brigade or other names soon.

In addition, we mostly require all your incoming emails will be downloaded off our server onto your smart device or computer so we only give 100MB of storage. We will give you an easy guide to follow if you’re unsure how to set this up.

Most importantly, all emails will be scanned for viruses and where one is detected. The email will automatically be deleted.


  1. 1 x email = $9.95 per month (paid six monthly or yearly)
  2. 2 x emails = $14.95 per month (paid six monthly or yearly)
  3. 3 x emails = $19.95 per month (paid six monthly or yearly)

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