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Milwaukee 12V 3 Plane Laser (Skin Only)
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Milwaukee 12V 3 Plane Laser (Skin Only)

Milwaukee 12V 3 Plane Laser (Skin Only)Fast and easy alignment with one horizontal line and two vertical lines, levelling, squaring, and transfers and the M12TM 3 Plane Laser allows you to create spaces with only one tool efficiently. The high-intensity green laser provides outstanding visibility up to 38 metres for long-range applications.

The built-in bracket has a microcontroller and pivots on a plumb point for quick and easy alignment. Secondly, the amplified rare earth magnets in the M12TM 3 Plane Laser provide a firm hold onto metal surfaces. The integrated screw and nail hang holes allow for quick and easy setup in any situation. Finally, users will enjoy 15 hours of continuous run-time with an M12B4 battery pack powered by our M12TM batteries for maximum productivity.

Instructions for general operations 3 Plane Laser

Simply rotate the On/Off dial to the desired position. This will allow you to activate the laser and release the pendulum's lock. There will be a display of the remaining amount of battery life. WARNING! It is important to remember not to look directly into the laser apertures. Likewise,  seeing an indicator when the power is turned on on the screen. An aperture in the laser housing will immediately begin emitting a horizontal level line.

"ON" Allows for the laser to be activated and the pendulum to be unlocked, thereby enabling self-levelling.

"ON" The laser will be activated, but this will not unlock the pendulum (self-levelling is disabled). To convey the message that the projected lines are not level or plumb. The laser lines will flash once every 8 seconds. WARNING: Because the self-levelling feature is disabled in the ON mode. This mode should not be used for projecting a level or plumb line.

"OFF" Activates the safety lock on the pendulum and turns off the laser. Also, When not in use, ensure the tool is turned off and that the Laser Level is stored in the carrying case that protects it.

Employing the use of the Laser Level

Placing the tool on a stable work surface, level (within four degrees of accurate level), and free of vibrations. A 90° angle to the area being worked on will produce the best results. Select the desired plane level after turning on the device using the 3 Plane level Selector button (s).

Move or readjust the surface that you work on. When the dial is unlocked and turned on, the tool will automatically level itself when placed on surfaces within 4 degrees of the right level. The laser points will flash rapidly if the instrument cannot achieve a level state (if the work surface is more than 4 degrees off from the accurate level) (3 flashes per second). When the lines emitted on the work surface become continuous and stop moving, the tool is considered ready for use.

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Milwaukee 12V 3 Plane Laser (Skin Only) 0 reviews

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Milwaukee 12V 3 Plane Laser (Skin Only) 0 reviews

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