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Hyundai Petrol Hedge Trimmer 33cc

Hyundai-Petrol-Hedge-TrimmerHedge trimmers are designed to deliver impressive cutting power on hedges that are tall and difficult to reach. Hyundai's HYPT3300 is a Hyundai petrol hedge trimmer with a long reach and a 33cc engine. While not in use, the HYPT3300 pole trimmer has an impressive reach of 2m to 3m when fully extended (length varies depending on whether the 1m extension is used). An arm's reach of 4m when in use, allowing you to prune safely without needing a ladder.

The best application is for domestic use.

The impressive 3m reach is ideal for trimming tall hedgerows and is challenging to reach. A powerful Hyundai 33cc 2-stroke Euro-V petrol engine with a soft-pull starting system makes starting a breeze. Transport and storage are made easier with the triple split shaft.

Blades with dual action provide a quick and clean cut. Multiple trimming angles are possible with the pivot head's 14 positions and 270-degree rotation. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable and stable cutting experience, which includes a loop handle and a double harness. Tank capacity is 2 litres for 2-stroke engines. Complete spares are available.

Keeping the saw in good working order

Replacing the filament for the trimmer/cutting machine.

Installation and replacement of the Hyundai petrol hedge trimmer are covered in detail in the "Installing and replacing the trimmer." (Owners Manual). Remove the cover by pressing it against the marking. The spool bobbin should be removed from the trimmer housing. Remove any remaining cutting filament from the machine. Using double the amount of new cutting filament, create a loop and hook it into the recesses on both sides of the bobbin. Wind the filament tightly in an anticlockwise direction to prevent it from fraying.

The spool bobbin is responsible for separating the two halves of the cutting filament. Now take the cover in your hand and insert the spool bobbin into it with your fingers. Check that the filament holder on the spool bobbin is aligned with the filament guide on the cover before using the bobbin. Release the cutting filament from the spool bobbin and guide it through the metal eyes in the cover to complete the cutting process.

Reassemble the two halves of the housing to click back into place. (See illustration.) Remove any excess filament to a length of approximately 13 cm. Thus, reducing the load on the engine when it is first started and while it is warming up. Replace the trimmer's blade.

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Hyundai Petrol Hedge Trimmer 33cc 0 reviews

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Hyundai Petrol Hedge Trimmer 33cc 0 reviews

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