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Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.

Husqvarna Blower - Power of the Husqvarna 125B Blower


Gardening in Australia presents unique challenges, from the red dust of the outback to the lush greenery of the coast. Enter the Husqvarna  blower, a tool designed to make your garden maintenance as breezy as a walk along Bondi Beach. With its powerful and efficient design, this blower is not just a tool but a garden companion. It's tailored to tackle those autumn leaves or unexpected summer seed pods with ease.

Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.The 125B model boasts a robust engine and an ergonomic design that allows for easy handling, making it a favourite among Australian homeowners. Effortlessly clearing debris, it's your go-to gadget for a tidy yard. The blower's cruise control feature adds to the ease of use, enabling a constant air stream that will make your garden chores a thing of pleasure rather than a task.

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Maximizing Efficiency: Tips for Operating Your Husqvarna Leaf Blower

To get the most out of your Husqvarna leaf blower, start by donning the appropriate safety gear. A pair of sturdy gloves and safety glasses are essential, especially when the Australian sun beats down, turning everything into a potential projectile. When operating the blower, use a sweeping motion; this technique ensures that you cover a larger area more effectively, saving both time and energy.

Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.Maintain a steady pace and angle to maximize the blower's efficiency. The 125B's intuitive controls are designed for simplicity, allowing you to adjust the power to suit different tasks around your garden. Whether you’re clearing a small patio area or maintaining vast stretches of land, the Husqvarna 125B blower adapts to your needs, proving to be a versatile companion for any Aussie gardener.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Features and Benefits

The Husqvarna 125B leaf blower is packed with features that make it stand out in the crowded market of garden equipment. Its air purge system removes air from the carburettor and fuel system for easy starting, a boon for those chilly mornings in the Australian hinterlands. With a high air volume and velocity, this blower ensures your garden remains pristine with minimal effort.

Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.The blower’s low vibration technology makes for a comfortable experience, reducing fatigue during extended use. This is particularly beneficial when tackling the larger, more demanding gardens. Plus, its adjustable tube length caters to different user heights and tasks, reflecting Husqvarna’s commitment to user comfort and efficiency.




Cylinder displacement

28 cm�

Power output

0.8 kW

Maximum power speed

8000 rpm

Fuel tank volume

0.5 l

Fuel consumption

575 g/kWh

Spark plug

Champion: RCJ6Y

Electrode gap

0.6 mm



4.26 kg

Sound and Noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)

107 dB(A)

Sound pressure level at operator's ear

94 dB(A)


Air flow in housing

13.31 m�/min

Air flow in pipe

12.03 m�/min

Air speed

76 m/s

Air speed (flat nozzle)

76 m/s

Air speed (round nozzle)

58.12 m/s


OEM Nozzle type

Round+ Flat


Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) handle

11.1 m/s�

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Maintenance Musts: Keeping Your Husqvarna Blower in Top Condition

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Husqvarna 125B blower operating at peak performance. Begin each session by checking the blower for any debris or damage, ensuring that air filters are clean and that the fuel mix is correct. Remember, a well-maintained machine not only lasts longer but also works more efficiently.

Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.It’s advisable to have your blower serviced annually by a professional, especially before the heavy fall of leaves in the Australian autumn. Regular servicing ensures that any potential issues are nipped in the bud, keeping your Husqvarna blower ready for whatever the Aussie weather throws at it.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with the Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower

Even the most reliable of garden tools can encounter issues, and the Husqvarna 125B is no exception. If your blower starts to falter, first check the basics: is there fresh fuel, is the spark plug clean, and is the air filter unobstructed? These simple checks can often resolve common problems.

Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.For more persistent issues, such as starting difficulties or uneven running, refer to the detailed manual that comes with your Husqvarna blower. Armed with the right knowledge, you can quickly troubleshoot and return to the task at hand – maintaining your beautiful Australian garden.

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Accessorizing Your Husqvarna 125B: A Look at Available Add-ons

Elevate your gardening game with the range of accessories available for the Husqvarna 125B blower. From gutter kits to vacuum kits, these add-ons enhance the functionality of your blower, enabling it to adapt to a variety of tasks. An investment in these accessories is an investment in the versatility of your garden maintenance.

Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.Each accessory is designed with the same Husqvarna quality, assuring that your blower remains a key player in your gardening toolkit. Whether you're collecting leaves or cleaning out gutters, these accessories make the 125B even more indispensable.

The Environmental Impact of Using a Husqvarna Leaf Blower

When discussing garden tools, it's important to consider their environmental impact. The Husqvarna 125B blower has been designed with this in mind, featuring a fuel-efficient engine that reduces emissions. This is crucial in Australia, where the protection of our unique environment is paramount.

Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.However, it's also important to use such tools responsibly. Limiting use to necessary garden maintenance and adhering to local noise regulations ensures that the impact on your surroundings is minimized. Conscious usage of the Husqvarna blower can help maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Comparing the Husqvarna 125B Blower with Other Models in the Market

In the realm of garden maintenance, the Husqvarna 125B blower stands tall among its peers. Its blend of power, efficiency, and user-friendly design makes it a formidable contender. When comparing it to other models, consider factors such as airspeed, weight, and noise levels – areas where the 125B consistently shines.

While other blowers may offer certain advantages. The Husqvarna 125B's reliability and performance are what keep it at the forefront of the Australian market. It's a product that truly understands the needs of the Aussie gardener.

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Customer Reviews: Real Experiences with the Husqvarna 125B

Australian gardeners are not shy about sharing their opinions, and the Husqvarna 125B has garnered glowing reviews. Users praise its ease of use, durability, and the difference it makes in garden upkeep. These testimonials are a testament to the blower’s capability to handle Australia's diverse landscapes and climates.

Many reviews highlight the 125B's balance between power and comfort, noting that it makes garden chores less of a burden and more of a pleasure. It's these real-world experiences that underscore the blower’s positive reputation.

Final Thoughts: The Enduring Legacy of the Husqvarna 125B Blower

As we wrap up this exploration of the Husqvarna 125B blower, it's clear that this tool has cemented its legacy in the Australian garden. Its design reflects a deep understanding of the gardener's needs, offering a balance of power, efficiency, and convenience. The 125B isn't just a blower; it's a garden partner that stands by you through every season.

Husqvarna 125B blower efficiently clearing leaves in an Australian garden.Investing in a Husqvarna 125B is investing in the beauty and upkeep of your outdoor space. With this blower by your side, you can rest assured that your garden will remain a sanctuary. A place of pride and relaxation. So, fellow Australians, are you ready to elevate your gardening game with the Husqvarna 125B?

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