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Diesel Fire Fighting Pump - Cromtech 1.5" Twin Impeller, 5.3hp


In Australia, the Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5" Diesel Water Pump with Twin Impeller is garnering attention as a reliable asset for battling bushfires and safeguarding property. Boasting a solid 5.3hp engine, this pump is designed to deliver a robust performance when it matters most. This review will delve into the various features, pros, and cons of this diesel pump in fire fighting, providing an informed perspective for those considering an investment in a diesel fire fighting pump.

Key Features

The Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5" Diesel Water Pump encapsulates a myriad of features that contribute to its efficiency and reliability in emergency scenarios:

  • Inlet and Outlet: The pump has an inlet and outlet size of 1.5” (38mm), along with two additional 1” (25mm) outlets, facilitating versatile hose connections and ensuring a steady water supply.
  • Water Flow: With a maximum water flow of 250L per minute and 15,000L per hour, this pump is poised to deliver substantial water output, essential in fire fighting operations.
  • Total Head and Suction: The pump can achieve a total head of 75 meters and a maximum suction of 8 meters, characteristics vital for effective fire suppression from varying water sources.
  • Pump Type: Being a centrifugal pump with self-priming suction type, it provides a quick startup and consistent water flow, which is crucial in emergency situations.
  • Impeller: The twin impeller design augments the pump’s pressure capability, ensuring water reaches farther and higher areas.
  • Engine Features: Powered by a 5.3hp diesel engine from Cromtech, this pump is engineered for longevity and robust performance even under duress.


Engine Efficiency and Reliability

The heart of the Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5" Diesel Water Pump lies in its 5.3hp diesel engine, a powerhouse capable of withstanding the rigorous demands of firefighting operations. Diesel engines are renowned for their durability and fuel efficiency, and this Cromtech engine exemplifies these traits. In the realm of fire control, having a reliable and robust engine is crucial as it significantly affects the pump's overall performance. The ability of this diesel fire fighting pump to sustain its operation over extended periods, without faltering, is a testament to the engine's reliability and efficiency.

Moreover, the diesel engine's fuel efficiency ensures that the pump can operate for long durations without necessitating frequent refueling. This is particularly beneficial in remote or inaccessible areas where fuel resources might be scarce.

Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5 Diesel Water Pump with Twin Impeller, 5.3hpMYGENERATORS

Pressure and Flow Rate Capabilities

The twin impeller design is a notable feature that significantly enhances the pump's pressure capabilities. This design facilitates the pump to propel water at higher pressures, ensuring that it can cover larger distances and reach elevated areas effortlessly.

  • Water Flow: The pump boasts a high water flow rate with a maximum output of 250L per minute and 15,000L per hour, ensuring a steady and robust water supply essential in firefighting applications.
  • Total Head and Suction: With a total head of 75 meters and a maximum suction of 8 meters, this pump demonstrates its prowess in drawing water from various sources and propelling it effectively to quench fires.

These features are indispensable in challenging firefighting scenarios, especially in hilly or elevated terrains where conventional pumps might falter. The ability of this diesel pump in fire fighting to maintain a high pressure and flow rate even under demanding conditions underscores its superiority and suitability for fire control applications.

Moreover, the self-priming capability of the pump ensures that it is ready for operation in a shorter setup time, which can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. The speedy setup coupled with the high pressure and flow rate capabilities of this pump significantly enhances its performance, making it a reliable companion in combating fires and protecting properties.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

User-Friendly Design

The Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5" Diesel Water Pump is lauded for its user-friendly design which is crucial during emergency situations. The simplicity in operation is often highlighted, allowing individuals, even with minimal technical knowledge, to utilize it effectively. The controls are intuitive, and the setup is fairly straightforward, ensuring that users do not waste precious time figuring out the operations amidst a crisis. Moreover, the self-priming feature of this diesel fire fighting pump significantly diminishes the hassle of manual priming, making it quicker to get the pump into action. This feature is invaluable in fire fighting scenarios where every second is crucial.

Furthermore, the versatility in the inlet and outlet sizes permits a variety of hose connections, thereby catering to different firefighting needs effortlessly. The pump's ability to adapt to varying hose sizes without requiring additional adapters is a testament to its user-centric design. This ease of adaptation is vital in emergency scenarios where the prompt establishment of water supply lines is essential.











Product Category

Water Pumps

Warranty Period

1 Year

Fuel Tank Capacity




Total Head



685 x 450 x 450

Fuel Type



5.3hp diesel

Maximum Head (Meters)


Net Weight (kg)


Suction Type

Self Priming

Inlet (inch)


Engine Make



1.5? (38mm) and two 1? (25mm)

Discharge Size (Inches)


Open Flow Output L/hr


Max. Suction Lift


Pump Type


Starting System

Electric Start

Flow Rate L/Min


Maintenance Simplicity

Maintenance is a breeze with the Cromtech diesel pump in fire fighting, making it a viable choice for those who may not have extensive technical expertise. The accessibility of essential parts for routine checks and the comprehensiveness of the manual provided facilitates easy maintenance.

  • Engine Accessibility: The 5.3hp diesel engine is designed for easy access to common maintenance points, ensuring that routine checks and minor repairs can be carried out without professional assistance.
  • Comprehensive Manual: Cromtech provides a detailed manual that guides users through routine maintenance tasks, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the pump.
  • Durable Construction: The robust construction of the pump minimizes wear and tear, thereby reducing the frequency and cost of maintenance.
  • Support: In addition, Cromtech offers support for maintenance queries, ensuring that users have the necessary assistance to keep the pump in optimal working condition.

The diesel engine's reputation for durability and ease of maintenance is well mirrored in this pump, ensuring that it remains a reliable asset for a long time. Also, the availability of spare parts and the support from Cromtech further ease the maintenance process, ensuring that the pump is always ready for action when needed. This level of support and ease of maintenance is indispensable for individuals and entities that may not have specialized maintenance personnel on hand.

Final Verdict

Performance Recapitulation

The primary allure of the Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5" Diesel Water Pump lies in its ability to perform exceptionally well in fire fighting scenarios. The robust 5.3hp diesel engine coupled with a twin impeller design elevates its efficiency, ensuring a high water flow rate and pressure, which are quintessential in battling blazes. The competency of this diesel fire fighting pump in swiftly responding to emergencies by virtue of its self-priming feature can be a game changer, particularly in regions prone to bushfires.

Moreover, the versatility in the inlet and outlet sizes further accentuates its adaptability, making it a versatile tool in a firefighting arsenal. The pump’s capability to propel water over significant distances and elevations is a testament to its engineering prowess, rendering it an indispensable asset in safeguarding both life and property.


Investment Justification

Investing in a reliable diesel pump in fire fighting is a prudent decision, especially in Australia where bushfires are a recurrent menace. The Cromtech pump, with its array of features tailored for firefighting, emerges as a solid investment. Its enduring construction assures long-term service, while the reputable brand of Cromtech stands as a hallmark of quality and reliability.

  • Long-term Value: The diesel engine is known for its longevity, promising years of dependable service with routine maintenance. This long-term value proposition significantly outweighs the initial investment, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • Brand Assurance: Cromtech has carved a niche for itself in the realm of firefighting equipment, and this pump is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to quality and performance.
  • User-friendliness: The ease of operation and maintenance is a boon for users, reducing the operational hassles and ensuring the pump is always ready for action.

The assurance of a robust performance, coupled with the backing of a reputable brand, makes the Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5" Diesel Water Pump a compelling choice for those in search of a dependable diesel fire fighting pump. Indeed, its ability to deliver under pressure makes it a standout choice in a market flooded with alternatives.

Pros and Cons

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and this pump is no exception. Below are some of the pros and cons associated with the Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5" Diesel Water Pump:

  • Pros:
    • High water flow rate ideal for firefighting.
    • Twin impeller design for high-pressure water output.
    • Reliable and durable 5.3hp diesel engine.
    • Self-priming feature for quick setup.
    • Easy to maintain and operate.
  • Cons:
    • Possibly higher upfront cost compared to other pumps.
    • Diesel engine requires routine maintenance to ensure longevity.



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