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Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator

by Ken
Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator

Were you looking for a low-cost, high-performance inverter generator with nationwide support? The cromtech 2400w inverter generator is ready. This generator has become a popular caravaning and domestic backup generator.


The smart-throttle switch is ON.

  1. ON, economic control mode adjusts the engine speed based on the linked load to reduce fuel consumption and noise.
  2. OFF – Smart-throttle switch OFF – No matter what, the engine will run at 5000rpm, no matter what the load

The smart-throttle switch must be OFF when used in substantial electric devices such as air conditioners, air compressors, and a DC submersible pump.


The DC protector goes off when DC load rated output of – or reversible +/- connector.


If the engine oil level goes below low, an oil warning will sound, and the engine will shut off (Refill – Otherwise, the engine won’t start).

oil alarmOil Alarm

If the engine doesn’t turn, the main switch is moved to ON, then pull starter recoil; low oil light may blink for a few seconds, and engine oil is inadequate lubricant retry.

Overload ALARM (RED)

TVs AC output indication (Green) the red overload alarm light stays on, and the cromtech 2400w inverter generator will not stop. The overload alarm light blinks when the full power of proximity to electrical devices rating hp. When it detects a power surge to all linked devices, the circuit breaker protects the generator by starting and stopping it.

In case of overload, proceed with caution:

1. Disconnect all gadgets activate the reset button

2. Minimize the total wattage of electric gadgets.

3. Verify intake and control for obstructions. Clear a blockage.

 4. After that, start the engine.



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A vent in the gasoline tank top balances inner and outside fuel flow from tank pressure. The vent knob is OFF or ON to allow fuel into the carburettor to start the generator. Whether On or off, turn the vent knob counter from ON to OFF to avoid petrol vapour or overflow. 



Place the generator in a flat area to check the oil level. And the oil filter hole should be level with oil. 


Open the petrol cap and add unleaded fuel inside the fuel pouring screen. The unleaded petrol should be at or above #93 octane. 


Ensure the earth terminal of the generator is attached to stop potential electric shock. The cromtech 2400w inverter generator should be earthed, where an electrical device is used. 


  1. HOLD THE FUEL TANK cap to keep it still and vent from OFF to On. You will be opening the vent hole, which allows safer and more trouble-free starting.
  2. In the ‘On’ position (main switch), initiate the ignition, and let the fuel flow.
  3. Move outwards, the choke cable button fully. 



1. Activate the generator.

2. Join the plug to the AC powerpoint

3. The AC output indication should be now ON (Green).

4. Set smart–throttle Switch to switch On all the lights. Activated items safely with this function complete. 



  1. Activate the gen.
  2. Join the plug to the DC powerpoint
  3. The AC output indication should be now OFF
  4. To charge the battery, connect to the DC generator socket.


Turn off all electric gadgets. Position smart-throttle switch in


  1.  Unplug all electrics.
  2. Turn the main switch OFF.
  3. Toggle the vent to OFF – will work to close the vent and should be done when the inverter generator has thoroughly cooled down.


When making any adjustments to the carburettor, consult with your local service provider because special equipment is required to complete the proper adjustments.


  1. Remove the spark plug cover and the spark plug cap from the ignition system.
  2. Cap for the spark plug using a wrench, locate and spin the spark plug socket on the spark plug in a clockwise direction, and remove the spark plug.
  3. The electrode colour should be medium to light tan in colour. I was checking for discolouration and removing any carbon present.
  4. Check the spark plug and the clearance between the electrodes.
  5. Connect the spark plug to the ignition system using 12 to 15 N.m. of plug torque.
  6. Position and install the cover for the spark plug.

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oil-change-36096_640ENGINE OIL CHANGE

Note: Never dump engine oil just after halting the engine. First, let the engine cool from its operating temperature. Thus, avoid the potential of scalding injuries.

  1. Start the generator on a level surface and run for a few minutes to thin the engine oil.
  2.  Level the generator and add engine oil to the lower filter port if required. Shut-off – switches the petrol tank vent knob OFF.
  3. Unscrew and drain.
  4. Place an appropriate catching device under the motor and drain the inverter generator removing all oil.
  5. NOTE: Waste disposal is your duty.
  6. If required, level the generator.
  7. WARNING: Do not tilt when pouring oil. It can be Overfilling, and damage to the gen may occur. 
  8. Next, clean the filter port and tighten the oil drain.
  9. Reinstall the oil filler cover firmly.


WARNING: Hot engine and exhaust

can be unsafe – keep away from the engine and exhaust.

  1. Remove both screws, remove the exhaust cover
  2. Remove the clamp, locking a flammable element cap.
  3. USE: a gentle wire brush avoiding scratching 
  4. Examine the flame-retardant material. Replace if damaged.
  5. Set up a locking system with a flame retardant muffler with a clamp to tighten them.
  6. Tighten the screws on the exhaust cover.


  1. Remove screws and air Intake cap.
  2. WASH THE FILTER ELement and dry it thoroughly.
  3. Add a little engine
  4. Add a lite film of oil and press any slickness. The element should not be dripping with oil
  5. Filter oil: -Foam Oil lubricant SAE#20


  1. Open the fuel tank cap, remove the inlet filter
  2. Disconnect the fuel supply line.
  3. remove fuel filter
  4. Degrease the petrol filter and outlet. A petrol screen/filter replacement may be required.
  5. Wipe the gasoline input and exit points of the filters.
  6. Tighten the fuel tank cap. Place the pipe correctly and clamp it.



  1. No fuel
  2. Check fuel vent knob – turn the tank cap to ON position.
  3. Nozzles: clean fuel lines.
  4. A clogged carburettor fit kit, if required available from your local dealer
  5. Low oil level: Add engine oil where directed.

Electrical System:

Check the electrical system and ensure the main switch is in the ON position.

The lack of a spark

  1. If the spark plug is dirty with carbon or moist, replace it.
  2. Remove carbon from the spark plug or wipe and dry it.
  3.  Check that the spark plug clearance is between 0.5 and 0.7mm: If it exceeds tolerance.
  4.  Faulty ignition system: Seek advice from a dealer.


Product Name: 2.4kVA Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator
Power Factor (in kVA): 2.4 kW/h
Maximum power 2400 watts is the maximum power available.
Continuous power 2100 watts continuous power
Type of Inverter Type Inverter with single-phase voltage regulation and pure sine wave output AC Output 240V – 50Hz with 2.5 per cent THD
Engine Engine LH148F manufactured by Cromtech (G)
Displacement of the engine  Type of engine four strokes, air-cooled, single-cylinder, overhead valve gasoline engine Engine: 2.6kw, 79cc displacement 300-400 mL of oil
Spark Plug A5RTC Spark Plug
Fuel Capacity Fuel Tank 5.0L
Noise Level at 7m*, the recoil starts noise level of the starting system ranges from 52 to 59db.
Charge Points Charged through USB at 12V and 8Amp (x2) 5V
Packaging Details Dimensions (LxWxH): 511x314x447mm Weight: 19.8kg Package Dimensions: 547x350x505mm  Dimensions (LxWxH): 511x314x447mm
Run Time Run Time: 5 to 20 hours (depending on load)



For a generator with a reset function, disconnect all electrical devices, reduce the total wattage of all electrical appliances connected to the generator within the application range, and push the reset button.

STORAGE of your Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator

Follow these precautions to protect your machine against deterioration when placed away for storage for an extended period.


  1. Remove the cap from the petrol tank. Using a hand syphon, drain the petrol from the fuel tank into an appropriate petrol container. Hand syphons are readily available on the market. After that, secure the fuel tank cap.
  2. Remove the carburettor drain cover, remove the drain screw on the carburettor float chamber, and drain the fuel into a petrol container that the manufacturer has approved.
  3. Install the carburettor drain cover after tightening the carburettor drain screw.
  4. Allow it to run, start the engine, and come to a complete halt (As it has used all remaining fuel in the carburettor).

Cromtech 2400w Inverter GeneratorPRESERVE THE ENGINE’S PERFORMANCE

Please follow the instructions below to protect the engine, the interior of the cylinder, the piston rings, and other components:

  1. Remove the spark plug and fill the spark plug hole with around 5ml SAE10W30 or 20W40 engine oil. Replace the spark plug and repeat the process. Make numerous pulls on the recoil starter, so that engine oil achieves distribution throughout the cylinder wall, piston rings, and other components.
  2. When you sense compression, stop pulling the recoil starter (this prevents rust in the cylinder and valves).


  1. Thoroughly clean the exterior of the generator. 
  2. Only moist towels should be used ( with a bit of detergent) – over wetting should be avoided.
  3. Cover the generator with a clean cloth and store it in a dry, well-ventilated area away from children and pets.
  4. When being stored, transported, and operated. Generators should be upright to help avoid leaks.


When transferring the generator, remember to: 

  1. Overfilling the tanks should be avoided (there should be no fuel in the filler neck); and 
  2. Do not overload the trailer.
  3. Never operate a generator when it is attached to a vehicle. It is necessary to run the generator in a well-ventilated location.
  4. Avoid installing the generator on a vehicle in areas that may expose it to direct sunlight. After being left in an enclosed vehicle for an extended period, the high temperatures inside the vehicle could cause the gasoline to evaporate, resulting in a possible explosion if the generator is not moved.
  5. Using a generator while driving on a rough road for a long time is not a good idea. If you have to transport the generator on a bumpy road, drain the fuel from the generator before you start the vehicle.
  6. Make sure that the Vent knob is in the OFF position.

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